From an Atlanta suburb

Just getting the ball rolling. I had not intended to start a blog today. I wanted to add a comment to Margaret and Helen’s blog. As I attempted to go through the normal channels, this blog site rolled itself out to me. I recalled Cat’s Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut. In it, a prophet said, “Unexpected travel invitations are dancing lessons from God.” From which god, this wasn’t clear. But it laid itself out to written upon. The dancing lesson begins.

“Careful what you say! We’re on the air,” Daffy Duck admonished in an old Looney Tunes cartoon. I am on the air a lot, more often than I should be. I speak for a living. My voice often fills rooms at my workplaces, or it goes over the airwaves. I have to be watchful of what words I put into my mouth. Sometimes I am mistaken for someone who gives his opinion too freely or too often.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and Margaret & Helen had a delightful post about the subject. I am employed at a tourist attraction, so I am usually working on most holidays. For the third consecutive year, it’s going be another crock-pot Thanksgiving for this professional gum-flapper. I’m not unhappy, though. Things could be much worse. At least I get to clock out at 4 pm tomorrow.


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